Interview with Antonella Cavalieri by S&G Magazine

Hi Antonella, would you give us a brief introduction of who you are?

A 26 year old Argentine girl. Life has led me to live in Italy and today I must say that I am happy to be here! I love Italy, it is an extraordinary country, beautiful people and welcoming, extraordinary places and delicious food ! I love traveling and meeting new people. I like to enjoy the simple things in life. I mean being with my family… My friends.

How and when did you enter the world of fashion?

Actually my idea when I lived in Argentina was another. I studied business administration and I had the idea of ​​working in my dad’s company. Then it’s been 1 year since I changed the road. I like fashion a lot and I was curious. I still miss so much to learn and to understand. The path is long.

What is your experience on and with Social?

Social media today is very important to me and I think for everyone too. In fact, I work on that too. I like to show who I am and I like when people feel mirrored with me. It is also important to stay in touch with the people you know. It also allows you to meet many people and create job opportunities.

Do you have any advice for the girls who follow you on this topic?

I would always recommend being authentic, what one is, at least I am like that. Simplicity and spontaneity. Never mount your head. People will love you for what you are with your strengths and weaknesses, don’t get down when someone tells you “no”. Always dream big.

Photographer Francesco Baronio
Interview by Fabrizio Saturno

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