How and when did you enter the world of fashion?
Around the age of 18, thanks to a designer from a town near mine. Later I moved to Milan to turn this passion into a job.

How was your experience with your new calendar?
I worked really well, a great staff. Glad to have had this experience.

Can you tell us about your experience at the Zoo 105?
I love the guys at the Zoo in 105, I really love them with all my heart. One of the funniest work experiences ever.

How has your life changed since before these last two events?
My life is still the same. I always surround myself with a few persons.In the last periode my job has been all a “crescendo”, hoping to go better and better.

Looking at the numbers you’ve totaled, how was and how is your experience with social media?
I have a good approach with social media, but I’m not obsessed with it, I still believe they are definitely very useful.

How did you get started? Do you have any advice for this world?
Never let yourself be belittled, be always awared of your own value and be fighting even when you face many “closed doors”.

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