About Silver and Gold Magazine

Milan is getting ready for Fashion Week 2017, returning from the 20th to the 25th of September. With this year’s show comes the release of the new Silver and Gold magazine.

The first issue, borne from the great ideas and the creativity of Silver and Gold’s staff, will be published by MSS, Moda Milano Sinergy. The next will see new and different professional figures, both newbies and experts together.

Silver and Gold was created to change the patterns of the ordinary fashion magazines, giving the blooming professional a chance to grow, facilitating collaboration between newbie photographers and expert stylists, and vice versa.

Silver and Gold will constantly change and evolve to adapt and offer the best. Publishing bimonthly issues about beauty, fashion, and trends. Moreover, every issue will have interviews with great stylists, like Anton Giulio Grande on page 36 of this first edition.

On the website – www.silverandgoldmagazine.com – you’ll find periodically published columns on fashion, food, travel and living, make-up and hairstyle and plenty of other original content. 

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